Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pictures of present yarden

This tree/shurb is only 5 years old. Every summer we cut off about 3 to 4 feet to keep it topiary shaped.

Every yard/garden has a sweet spot. A place that's nice to sit and a place that is a pleasure to look at.

In the spring these are one of the first perennials to bloom. I bought the root many years ago. It was called a rare oriental peony. I have moved it from several recent gardens and divided each time. Once these are done blooming I dead head immediately. I stake them early in the spring. If it rains heavy the stakes support them so they don't sprawl in the middle. After it's done blooming it looks like a shrub even though it's a perennial. The leaves have a fern look. This is one of my favorite perennials. I feed it with bone meal in the spring and fall.

This would be the view of a butterfly. The miniature bleeding heart is hiding under the elder tree.

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  1. Your garden is fabulous.. I too enjoy the vibrant colors of the Japanese Peopney and tulips... So happy that you added the gardening tips to blog..Its very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing