Monday, August 31, 2009

Yarden pictures; Eiffel tower ornament etc

The Eiffel Tower awaiting a climbing red runner bean. At time of writing the bean has grown beyond the height of tower and climbing up onto the clematis vine. I don't like to use a lot of garden ornaments but nice to have a few just for accents.

The above is a tall bleeding heart in the background. Ferns and bergenia in foreground. This gets about 3 hours of sunshine a day and I treat all three as shade plants.
Garden Fact: Bergenia's and other large leaved plants just about always grow well for shade. The large leaf is intended to gather more sunshine; hence the chlorophyll for growth.
The Lady's Mantle has since bloomed. Since it readily goes to seed I cut the whole plant down to the ground about 3 weeks after enjoying the tall yellow blossoms it produced. Beautiful green foliage came up within 1 week. I fertilized it and have since continued to water it well. When the water sits on the leaves it looks like little diamonds. I love this plant just for it's foliage. Will post a close up of the leaves some day.

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  1. WOW ..My Friend ....

    You've tapped 3 of my most beloved plants ... HAAAAAA .. I didn't know that "Lady's Mantlel" sets down seeds. Thank You .

    I'm in the middle of a transcontinent KOOOOOOOOOOOO ..I'm betwitx and between lives ( Asian/ Canada) So sometimes , I'm gone. Hope you undersatnd.

    Love your blog, my Friend.