Monday, September 28, 2009

Garden / Yarden pictures summer 2009

Our little deck and it's surroundings. We have had many a lunch out here.

The above shrub/tree is an elder. It is 5 years old and every summer we prune about 3 feet off of it to keep it looking more like a topiary. It provides us with so much privacy on the deck. It does not have a bug or disease enemy like most plants. It just grows too fast! I have lost several of them over my garden years when we get a sudden cold snap in the winter. Seeds readily develop into future specimens of which I give all away except one just in case I need to replace one of these. I have only 2 in our yard.
A basket of Hens and Chicks also called Semperivums - not sure about spelling. I place these in this basket for the spring and summer. In the fall before freeze up I lift them out and set them on top of soil and cover with dead garden foliage from other plants to protect it through our harsh cold winters. In the spring I peel back this winter mulch and these hens and chicks are just as fresh as a salad. This continues year after year and since they multiply I have found other containers to put them in. Will post about those pictures at a later date. This basket is made out of concrete and dries out so fast so I thought I would put something in that likes it on the hot and dry side. It has worked out wonderful. I remember reading once that these little plants will grow on top of a fence post in some wet climates. Yet they don't need much moisture since the plant is actually full of water. Too much water and it will probably die. Thanks for reading.


  1. I love "hens and chickens" ...They're such a joy... They fill in where others dare not go ( ha ha ) .. Great little garden companions...

  2. what a beautiful garden you have. looks so peaceful. i don't anything about gardening, but i do want to start an herb garden in my new home. thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.