Monday, October 19, 2009

More pictures of bleeding heart and garden ornaments etc

Above picture is of bleeding heart and Lady's Mantel in bloom.

Another way to display hens and chicks. Found the ornament at a garage sale for 50 cents.

Taken early spring when the vine was still filling out. A couple of weeks ago I expanded this bed by a couple of feet leaving a path of grass to walk through.


  1. Nice post - garden pictures ..Keep Posting

    garden pictures

  2. OMG... I'm so glad to see your garden again... Love the ambiance. I've had a 3 month detour via passport Canada... Missed you my friend.

  3. Hi Zaa ! Glad you are back. Are you able to garden in your locale right now?

  4. Hey Sandra ...
    Just returned from another detour( ha ha) Family does take alot of time and preservational traveling.. Yes I do have a lovely
    ( LITTLE) garden here in Japan..We grow lilies mostly. I love seeing your garden ..I left my Ladies Mantel and bleeding heart ,plus afew other with my mother so they will be there when I return in the summer. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures

  5. I have been looking for beds or gardens with flowers I like. thanks for doing what you do. I have noticed people do just the flowers close up, etc It's hard to find a garden or a designed bed. If I want just a bud, i will google for flower bouquet. grrr. Nice blog.

  6. Dear rootdigger .... thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words. This summer I hope to post some more pictures. Sandra

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  8. Hi Tony! I hardly deserve your kind comment - I have so neglected this blog. It keeps me going to look after my other two regarding my creative life. I have more garden pictures to share in the new year. Sandra