Monday, May 30, 2011

Four backyard garden photos.

I tried growing ornamental cabbages in pots on the table - don't know if I would do it again since it dries out so fast and the cabbage has a longer root these small pots couldn't accomodate.
In the bottom pic I grew the hens and chicks in a garden saucer. These need little to no water since they are somewhat of a fleshy plant.
Credits to Jerry Jones for the tree stamped on back of image using Photoshop.


  1. Ha Ha Sandra...
    I had forgotten about hens and chickens... They look so beautiful in little rockery gardens... with portulaca( spelling ?) I've never seen the little cabbages... what are they called?...I love trying new things outdoors...Thanks for inspiring me ...HUGS

  2. Zaa, thanks for stopping by and all your kind words. The cabbages are called "Ornamental Cabbages" - they don't form a head and look more like a big flower don't they!